Slifco Electric : Capabilities
Design/Build Engineering

Slifco Electric’s Design/Build Engineering capabilities are integral to the company’s reputation for creating innovative solutions to our customers’ unique electrical challenges and are based on our team of staff engineers working closely with our estimators, on-site project managers and other professional staff. Once the project is designed, Slifco Electric continues the process of building on-site.

By providing our clients with complete Design/Build Engineering capabilities, Slifco Electric provides our clients with significant advantages. Not only can we design and execute the most efficient electrical solutions, but we also can anticipate and eliminate potential problems, saving our clients time and money.

As a result, the workforce has a detailed breakdown of the installation requirements and schedule of the project, ensuring the project runs smoothly. On-site inspections and ongoing analysis are also a critical part of our Design/Build Engineering process and are seamlessly integrated into our comprehensive work schedules.

Electrical Contracting and Construction Capabilities

In addition to our Design/Build Engineering capabilities, Slifco Electric’s professional electrical contracting capabilities also include:

  • State-of-the-art Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and detailing
  • Installation of primary power and distribution wiring
  • Industrial process control wiring
  • High-voltage cable pulling
  • Arc Flash and coordination studies
  • Telecommunications installation, fiber optic systems, data systems and head-end equipment and Data centers
  • Automation and computer cabling design and installation
  • Complete systems testing capabilities
  • Electrical engineering of control systems, concept through implementation
  • Electrical start-up and stand-by services
  • Security system and fire alarm installation and service
  • Underground electrical utility locating
  • UPS & generator backup design and installation
  • Power generation systems


To better meet the needs of our clients, Slifco Electric recently moved into a new headquarters building, located at 1904 Woodslee in Troy, Michigan. The facility includes more than 16,000 square feet of warehouse and office space, enabling us to meet our customers' unique needs.

Fleet Vehicles & Specialized Equipment

Slifco Electric maintains a full fleet of service vehicles to provide ongoing maintenance and 24-hour service 365 days a year. We also own specialized electrical contracting equipment, including pickup and flatbed trucks, enclosed trailers and specialized equipment such as cable pullers, cable testers, threaders and other electrical tools.