Project: Severstal North America Pickle Line Tandem Cold Mill, Dearborn, Michigan
Client: Walbridge
Value: $1.6 Million
Slifco Role: Electrical Contractor
Date: Planned 2009 completion

Project Details – Slifco Electric was contracted to install an underground conduit raceway system to feed power to the motors necessary to operate the steel galvanizing line equipment throughout the 160,000-square-foot facility. The equipment included the Acid wash system, steel trim system and galvanizing bath.
Slifco Electric was under tight scheduling constraints due to the necessity to install a temporary 13,800-volt transformer, primary switch and distribution center, which also required splicing a 13,800-volt cable – all within a two-week time period.
This project was especially difficult because of the many hazards on the project site, including concrete pits more than 40 feet deep, numerous elevation changes and four 50-ton cranes working overhead supporting the work of the many different trades on-site. Implementation of a detailed Project Specific Safety Plan was critical to its success.

Our plan included:

  • Twice daily safety huddles conducted by our project foremen
  • Daily pre-task awareness reports
  • Once-a-week site reviews by Slifco Electric corporate safety manager

To maximize safety and productivity, Slifco Electric also took the initiative to
implement a two-color high-visibility safety program, requiring all personnel to wear high-visibility clothing: Orange for foremen and yellow for journeymen. This program was received so favorably by the client that it eventually was adopted by the entire site.